Sembcorp In The Community

A long-term investment in the community

The Sembcorp Myingyan power plant contributes significantly to the people of Myanmar. Besides generating power for the country, the project has also created jobs for locals and opportunities for knowledge transfer.

Today, the Sembcorp Myingyan plant is 95% staffed by Myanmar nationals. These include Myanmar nationals who had worked with Sembcorp in Singapore previously, and who were then posted back to Myanmar to work at Sembcorp Myingyan, train new hires, and facilitate localisation of the staff team.

Aside from this, Sembcorp has also spearheaded many initiatives to improve the quality of life within the local Myingyan community. The company has invested in the education of the village children, through constructing new and safer school buildings, as well as providing English classes in the existing curriculum. Sembcorp has also enhanced the community's access to potable water, upgraded and repaired community infrastructure and assisted in seasonal flood relief work. To date, Sembcorp has constructed 14 water treatment plants in 13 villages that benefit 19,000 people.

Stakeholder Engagement

Sembcorp Myingyan's stakeholder engagement approach is guided by our Stakeholder and Community Engagement Policy. Engagement with our community stakeholders are developed around the principles of inclusiveness and transparency.

Working closely with those in the community, Sembcorp aims to help improve their living standards and quality of life by assisting in providing educational support, enhance access to groundwater, flood relief work, generating training opportunities, and repairing infrastructure.

Our Focus Areas

Educational Support Access to Water Community Infrastructure Relief Work
Educational Support To contribute to the repair of infrastructure of educational facilities so as to promote conducive education Access to Water To contribute to the repair and provision of technical support in order to improve access to clean drinking water Community Infrastructure To contribute to the repair of community infrastructure which will help increase community bonding Relief Work To assist in providing emergency aid and flood relief. To be a helping hand to our neighbouring communities in times of need